EGG-cellent Friends

I’m not a repeater of things. Once I have a great idea, I challenge myself to have an even better idea for the next go ’round. However, we loved our cascarones from last year so much that I just changed up the printable and did it again. The boy loves them–how could I not?

 Egg Printable 2015

I did what I love to do–made a cheesy play on words–and we printed them out. Baby Gray signed his name to each card, then we packaged them up. (By we, I mean I packaged them up while he went outside and confetti-ed the cats.)

Packing Eggs

They’re so fun–and not candy! You’re welcome, classroom parents.

 Packed Eggs

Click here to print your own! (Print on business card templates and you don’t even have to cut!) 

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