Not That Mom

As it goes, we’re in 2015, and blogs full of mom feelings are floating around the ol’ world wide web. What I find most often, though, is that I don’t actually identify with them–at all. You see, sometimes I think I don’t have the “mom gene.” Mostly, though, I think I’m a different type of mom. Not good or bad, just different.

Before becoming a mom, I taught elementary school for five years. Maybe it jaded me. Maybe it shifted my perspective. Maybe I would have been like this anyway. When our son was an infant, I was asked all the time if I was sure he was my first. (That’s not just something a woman overlooks.) Of course I was sure. I’m laid back with him–it’s not even laid back, it’s just at ease. I feel at ease parenting our son. I don’t react immediately to every cry. I’m not a germ freak (most of the time; let’s not go to a thrift store, though). I don’t rush over for every fall, every bump. My son wears Target clothes–sometimes they match, sometimes they don’t. Usually they have his initials on them.

I do not see my son as an excuse to have a messy house. Nor have I missed a shower on his account. We don’t feel guilty about getting a babysitter and having a date night–our marriage is a priority! I do buy in to the whole “the days are long but the years are short” quote that’s always floating around. Those are pretty much the only internet parenting words that resonate with me. My child is growing before my eyes. I expect a ton out of him. We let him make choices and be responsible for what he chooses (within age-appropriate bounds, of course). He has consequences. We follow through. He eats too much dessert. He dresses himself. I pick my battles. Will it matter in a day? A week? A year?

He is kind and compassionate. He is always thinking of others. He acts like a four year-old. (We learn from that and go on.) I know he knows how much we love him. I know he knows we want him to know Jesus. Those are the things that matter to me. Those are the things that will matter in a day, a week, a year, or a lifetime.


  1. I completely agree!! Thank you for sharing! I was never stressed over every parenting decision or the fact that my child's pacifier fell on the ground. If they climb high on the playground equipment I don't have a heart attack (although I do try to keep a watchful eye, lol). My children have never had expensive brand name clothing and I don't feel guilty about not giving them organic everything. I also never really understood when moms say that they didn't have time to take a shower because of their little ones. I mean, sometimes I take two showers a day and they've seemed to survive okay. 🙂

  2. I love this so much. I was a teacher, too, and I'm hoping it impacts me in a positive way as a momma. I'm not a mom yet, but I certainly hope I have your attitude about it. I mean, I have that attitude now, but I don't want it to change once I have a child. Thanks for sharing!

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