He Sets the Lonely in Families

A few weeks ago, several of us hosted a baby shower for Cookie (maybe we had to FaceTime Bean in; maybe not).

 LCs Shower

After we had everything set up, and before the guest of honor arrived, one of the girls asked me about our adoption and where we are in the process. As we talked, she said, “You know, the coolest thing to me about adoption is how God already has that child picked for your family; that no matter how or when they get there, they were always meant to be yours.”

I’ve heard that sentiment so many times before, but it has never hit me like it did that Sunday afternoon.

This child we have been praying for, that we have never met, will be ours. (S)he will be ours, just like Baby Gray is ours. God already knows his (her) name, what (s)he will look like, everything about him (her). He knows when (s)he will come, how old (s)he will be, what her (her) favorite foods will be. He knows that (s)he is our baby.

For years, I have thought of that scene in Sex & the City where Charlotte and Harry first see the photo of Lily. “That’s our baby!” Charlotte cries, “I know it. That’s really our baby.” I see that moment in my heart. I can envision it. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. What I do know is that He knows. He knows exactly which child will be ours, and I know we will know it, too.

“He gives the lonely a house to live in and leads prisoners out into freedom, but rebels will have to live in a desolate land.” –Psalm 68:6 GNB


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