I Couldn’t Live Without…

Today I decided to join in with Katie and Lindsay for a new little link up.

I love sharing things I love, and what better way to do it than with other folks who are always sharing what they love? I can find new things to love! (I’m sure my husband would argue I have plenty of things to love.)

This week, I definitely couldn’t live without

EOS Vanillla Mint

eos Vanilla Mint!

My husband put this little jewel in my stocking, and I have loved it. The only bad news? I can’t find it at Target anymore. I did find it on Amazongive it a click (it’s an affiliate link; I might make a few cents if you order through there).

What couldn’t you live without?

For Lauren & Lauren


  1. I've never tried that brand of chapstick before, but with the dry weather around here lately, I've been using the "yes to carrots" brand of chapstick and liking that!

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