These are Dino-Mite: Boy Valentines

Sometimes I have an idea and just run with it–even if it’s months before I actually need it.

For example, I bought a package of plastic dinosaurs in October for the boy’s valentines for his class. They weren’t just any dinosaurs, though, they were friendosauruses. I had been wanting to use friendosaurus for something for quite some while, and I knew Valentine’s Day cards would be just perfect.


I had my “design lady” (we have a running joke that I have a “lady” for everything) help me with the cards. They were exactly what I envisioned. Seriously, she’s amazing–at one point in the last few weeks, I had three different orders from her in my car ready to be signed, sealed, and delivered.

The boy signed his John Hancock–and a heart, can’t forget the heart. I attached the friendosauruses (I wasn’t super happy with how that turned out, but what can you do?) and they’re ready to head off to school this morning. Class parties and treats are such a fun way to get a little creative.

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