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While on our trip, we headed out for a little snowmobiling adventure with a guide, on a trail, so not actually too much of an adventure.

Snowmobile 1

We split into pairs and hopped on the snowmobiles.


Baby Gray started out with me, but it made me kind of nervous to have him (very unlike me). I mentioned that at the first stop (which overlooked Colorado; so pretty) so Mr. Gray offered to drive him.


Let me just start by saying that I am usually pretty aware of when I am behind my husband and son if they are in a vehicle. I have always thought that I would rather be called back to the scene of an accident (I’d know it was an accident before I drove up) than be behind them and drive up on it without warning. Well, I got to test my theory on the snowmobiles.

Baby Gray loaded up with Mr. Gray, and they were off.


We were all in our little line behind the guide, and Annie and I were behind the boys. We were warned to stay on the trail and out of the powder, even when the trail was bumpy. BUT… Boys will be boys, and Mr. Gray just had to check and be sure it wasn’t smoother over to the side.

I saw it all in slow motion. I released the throttle and repeated, “NO! NO! NO!” but it didn’t stop them from tipping over right in front of me. Luckily, the boy in his little yellow helmet popped right up with a smile on his face and laughed. He was fine; Mr. Gray was fine. (I was fine.) I’d still prefer to just be in front of them from now on.

Pops and Nonna took a little spill (Pops was driving, maybe it’s hereditary) a while later–also while I was driving behind them. Baby Gray was riding with me when they tipped, and he went on and on about how they turned their snowmobile over, too, when he was with Daddy. He loved every minute (right side up or upside down).


Eventually everyone made it back down the mountain in one piece.


We were glad to shed helmets, goggles, and gear and head for a quick lunch before our sleigh ride.

More on the trip here, here, and here (I promise we’re close to done; I just don’t want to forget all the fun we had).

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