Laying Hands

After we went on the grand snowmobile adventure, we headed to a lodge back in town. It was time for a sleigh ride.

When I booked it, I originally thought we would be in our own sleigh, just our group. When we got there, another couple was there. The lady who owns the company was our driver, and she couldn’t have been any sweeter. She stopped for a photo op, and we ended up with the always-awkward photo with people not in our group.


I mean, yeah, they were nice and we got to know them, but… still awkward.

They watched while Baby Gray spent time sledding down the hill (the kid would sled anywhere anyone would let him; the driver heard and brought the sled just for him).


They asked about what we did and told us about themselves.

They took photos for us.


When we got back to the lodge for supper, a big table was set with places for all of us in the group–including our new friends. We already knew he had done mission work and that they were believers. We swapped traveling stories and shared about how we left Revolution in April and hadn’t found a church home in our new community yet.

As we got ready to leave, Mr. Gray and I were chatting by the door. In a rare moment, I was holding the boy. The husband walked over and asked to pray for us. He laid his hands on each of us, which encompassed Baby Gray because I was holding him, and begin to pray. He prayed so specifically, with so much detail. I felt so heard and so cared for. I know God sent this couple to join us for our sleigh ride and dinner.

I left there completely blown away–not because it’s the first time someone has prayed with us or we’ve prayed with strangers, but simply because of how detailed our God is. Down to the second, the very smallest details. He knows it all, and He cares deeply about it all. He cares that we don’t feel settled in a church yet. He cares that we feel so connected to Revolution. He cares about it all. About what you are going through and what we are going through. He loves each of us as if we are the only one in the universe. That’s how big His love is and how detailed He is able to be with each one of us. Isn’t that incredible?

So that awkward group photo turned into something I’m glad to have. It helps me remember to pray for them. Is there anything I can pray for you? Leave me a note in the comments.

(And here you thought I was just recounting trip details.)


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