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The final day of our trip was a hodge podge of sorts. Mr. Gray and I skied (eh, snowboarded) while everyone else played at home for the morning.


(Have I mentioned before how much I’d love to just have paparazzi around all the time to take our photos?) 

That afternoon, we were slated for tubing at the resort. So fun!


And simply because we had to squeeze in as much snow time as possible before we left, we came home and sledded until dark.

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Our super cautious kiddo came out of his safety net while on that sled–I loved it! 

Somewhere in there, we also built a snowman (on Baby Gray’s list of musts) and had a pretty massive snow fight (we didn’t always have time to make actual balls before throwing–also on Baby Gray’s musts).


I am so very thankful we are able to do family trips together–with the whole fam bam! It makes for fabulous memories and a great time! 

Professional Photos: Atmosphere Photos, Angel Fire, New Mexico; rights belong to me.


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