Faith Like a Child

Last week, the boy and I spent part of our Monday hanging out with Baby Ava. About ten minutes in, he looked up at me and said, “I want a baby to come to our house and be my baby sister.” I coached him through the fact that a baby sister would live with us all the time, that he would have to share his time with me with her, and that she wouldn’t be going home at the end of the day.

Baby Ava

“Right,” he said. “We’ll name her Woodstock.”

So, I guess that’s that.

Yesterday, after a rough day of sorts, I was pretty well feeling defeated in a lot of areas. I had convinced myself that maybe a lot of the signs about timing I saw from God were actually not God and me making things up. I was just down in the dumps and not really believing in the promises I know to be true. 

Then last night, as we were eating supper, that sweet boy of ours looked at his daddy (completely out of the blue) and said, “We’re getting a baby sister!” Mr. Gray and I exchanged a look and let it go.

Today, it hit me, though. Just because I had a bad day does not mean that everything I believe is null and void. It does not mean that what we have been called here to do is no longer our calling. It doesn’t mean any of that. I just means I need to get my head out of the sand and cling to that child-like faith.

Maybe it’s not a baby sister, maybe it’s not a church home just yet, maybe it’s not any of those things, but we are here for a reason walking in callings we have been led to for a reason. God doesn’t make mistakes.

I said Friday I felt a seasonal change coming, and I know now that it is. Just because I don’t know what things will look like doesn’t mean God doesn’t have the biggest, best plans for our family. He is a God of details, both big and small. He is good. So I’m going to believe those things like my boy believes he is getting a baby sister–innocently and like a child.

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