Can I Snuggle You, Mama?

We spent most of yesterday morning snuggled up in bed playing hide ‘n go seek, building forts, and just being together. My sweet boy is so big. He gets bigger every day.

My day is completely made when those big brown eyes look up at me and he asks, “Can I snuggle you, Mama?” Anytime, anywhere, sweet boy.

It has had me thinking a lot about this little tiny boy he once was.


I remember how we would cuddle up and snuggle our mornings away. Our cuddling looks (and sounds much different these days), but I am so glad that boy of mine still crawls up in our big ol’ bed in the mornings to spend some time with his mama. One day he won’t want to snuggle; he’ll be off doing other things. All I’ll have are these sweet memories to look back on, and I’ll be so grateful I have them.

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