White Lips

As a regular thing, I use Burt’s Bees as my chapstick. It works. It burns when it needs to. I don’t get chapped lips. What a wonderful thing.

Also a regular thing, I buy other chapstick with cute packaging (see also: how I buy most things). My latest one was oblong instead of round. Oooooohhhh…. Aaaaaahhhhh… It’s truly the little things.


Yes To

It turns my lips white. My husband may or may not have said, “No! Do not look at me!” when I put it on before bed last night. (I laugh every time I think about it.) (Went back to re-read and edit–laughing again. Aloud. At home with no one around.)

Seriously. It works. It works well. It’s great. If you want white lips. I don’t. So, I just wear it to bed. (Or to pose in front of our “winter lights” and take funny selfies. Don’t be jealous.)

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