Today I Do Not Turn 30

Today I do not turn 30, but we are celebrating my 30th birthday today. Since my birthday gets swallowed up by football and Thanksgiving next week, my husband arranged a little celebration today. We’ve been celebrating pretty much all month (thanks, honey!), but we are having a shindig of some sort this evening, I believe.

The year I turned 25, I had major apprehension about it–a quarter-life crisis, if you will. It was so weird. I don’t understand it at all as I look back on it.

As I look forward to this 30th birthday, I am excited. I’ve made it this far, but I have so much life left to live! I remember telling my brothers how old they were when they turned 30, but I don’t feel old at all (now I tell them how old they are for being in their 40s).

I really am excited about 30, though; a new decade is unfolding as we get ready to start life in our new home back in our hometown. So many things to look forward to! Of course, I learned a few things in my 20s that I’m taking with me to this next decade: 

+ Don’t take yourself so seriously. Laugh. Enjoy. Love. Play. Clean it up later. Make jokes. Take silly selfies. Let your kid color outside the lines.

Take Silly Selfies

+ Be friendly. To everyone. I laugh and joke that I’m like Drake, No New Friends, but the truth is it’s completely possible to have your inner circle and still be friendly to others. It took me a while to get there; I can come across as stuck up and snooty (still; present tense). Being kind does not correlate to giving access to your heart. It’s not the same thing.
Speaking of… 
+ Guard the access to your heart. Only certain people should be in your inner circle and have the authority to speak into your life. Close friends, the ones who have your best interest at heart and whose values align with yours, are the only ones who get that kind of access. Take everyone else with a grain of salt.  
+ Drive without your GPS once in a while. Take a drive and see where you end up, explore where you are. You never know what surprises you might find.
+ Tell people how you feel. If you’re grateful for someone, tell them. If your feelings are hurt, share and work through it. Don’t assume they know how you’re feeling.
+ Prioritize date nights. Make your marriage a priority so you can enjoy it for many years to come! 
+ Live life completely. Be present. Enjoy spontaneous moments. Lean into the Word. Strive to be a better [friend, mom, wife, daughter, etc] than you were yesterday.

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