Time for YES

Adoption is near and dear to my heart. If you’ve been around a while, you probably already know that our family plans to expand through adoption in the future.

I heard pieces of this story via Instagram before I found the blog with the back story. When I went back to read the full thing this morning, my heart nearly beat out of my chest. You see, we got a similar phone call not too long ago. A phone call we were completely unprepared for. A call we didn’t think would come this soon. I remember trying to formulate words, wanting to drop everything to get to my husband and pray through what we should do.

Ultimately, for us, it wasn’t the one. It was the hardest no we’ve ever said, but it was in good faith, and our decision was affirmed in many ways after.

BUT… for Carina and their family, this is their YES. This is such an incredible story, and I pray you will head over to her Instagram account to shop or to her blog to find out how to donate.

Carina Family

Shop: here
Read or donate: here


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