Celebrate Good Times!

My sweet husband put together quite the shindig last night–complete with a toast full of tears and most of my favorite people.


We have amazing friends who keep showing up–via FaceTime, text, photo collage, or what have you, they show up. They are there when it counts–big moments or little moments. God has truly surrounded us with incredible people.


I feel so incredible humbled and grateful for everyone who had a hand in this whole thing. So many friends and so much life was represented last night–from birth (my own) to Happy House, elementary school, high school, college, Heart Group, Revolution, and beyond, friends from all ages and stages were represented. Not many people have that. I don’t go a day without thinking of how grateful I am to be immersed in my own support system from so many facets of life.

Probably the most excited party-goer of all was the smallest one.


If he told me happy birthday once, he told me a thousand times. He was so thrilled to be part of the party, in on the surprise, and be part of the celebration. That boy melts my heart.

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