Round ’em Up

1. When Baby Gray was just a tiny baby, we went to our first Young Life Round Up. We didn’t know much about Young Life before that, but we were so impressed with the organization after we learned about it. We don’t have one near us, but we continue to support one in a community nearby. If you have a Young Life near you, learn about it, support them, help them chase after kids for Jesus.

2. Related: we get to see some of our very best friends at the Young Life Round Up, so that makes it even better. I never remember to take a photo, so you’d never know it, though.

3. My sweet husband took my idea of 30 days of giveaways and is completely running with it. It’s fun to celebrate my birthday for the entire month. (Yes, it was my idea; I said it. I’m kind of a brat. He’s a total saint.)

4. This move has completely messed up my voter registration, and I didn’t realize it until after it was too late to do something about it. I’m hoping I get something figured out by 7:00 this evening.

5.  I’m really excited about getting Purpose Box launched soon. I hate that it’s taken longer than I hoped, but I don’t want to jump the gun.

Purpose Box Square

6. It’s only Tuesday, but the weekend is on my mind–we get to see lots of folks we haven’t seen in a while, and we will probably be at Revolution this Sunday! EEK! So exciting!

7. I’m usually pretty much done with my Christmas shopping by now, and I’m not even close. I started when I usually do, but I haven’t found “the gift” for several folks just yet. I’d rather give a good gift than rush it to finish. Gift giving is one of my favorite things!

8. Speaking of Christmas shopping, here‘s a little list to get you started on the little people in your life. (Click for the full list.)

9. Last night I ordered a workout DVD and somehow ended up in a challenge group on Facebook and all sorts of other stuff. Not sure that’s exactly what I was going for, but we’ll see what happens.

10. I trimmed my son’s hair Sunday. It is still in desperate need of a professional, but it’s much better. I have no doubt that cutting hair was never my true calling. (I trimmed it again after this photo. Those sideburns were a definite issue.)

Boy in a Basket

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