Tricks & Treats

Having all our stuff in storage makes our holidays a little more simple than they normally are. We kept decorations to a minimum, Baby Gray made his own Halloween treats, and his costume was cute and easy!

Pumpkin Patch Kitten
Pumpkin Patch Discovery
Pumpkin Patch Climb

Of course, I kept a theme as much as I could with a tiny opinion weighing in often, so we had a “creature” Halloween: Play-Doh creatures for his friends (pretend there’s a photo here; it’s not on my phone like I thought it was) and a dinosaur creature costume. 

Pumpkin Patch Picking
Pumpkin Patch Cutie
Pumpkin Patch Dino

He had a blast trick or treating and handing out candy. Since we stayed local this year, he wasn’t sure why we were in the car part of the time, but he was all good once we got to Baby E’s and walked over to CoCo and Big’s. That was much more his idea of Halloween fun.

Trick or Treat
Handing Out Candy
Ford Truck

The boy asked to keep our Halloween decorations up a little while longer, and I think I’m going to oblige. I mean, why not? I decided to skip fall and Thanksgiving decor and just celebrate birthdays all November, anyway. Hooray for birthdays! Mine and Mr. Gray’s are just 16 days apart. I kind of feel bad for him this year, since it’s kind of being overlooked for my 30th.

Happy Birthday

Gotta love when $2 Target clearance items are the perfect fit!

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