Just So Grateful

The shower. It’s where I go to retreat and think. No one disturbs me. I can pray, cry, laugh, sing, talk, reflect, whatever I need to do, and it’s time just for me. 

Then comes the journal. I get it out, write until my hand hurts, cry, pray, what have you.
Some days, though, I just can’t. I can’t process yet. I can’t grab hold of the big idea God is laying out for me. I can know in my head His plans are the best plans, but sometimes I can’t get my heart to play along. 
Sometimes I come here. I share. I get transparent but not too specific. 
I miss date night. I miss church. I miss closets. I miss weeknights filled with friends, Heart Groups, and life. 
I’m grateful for group texts. I’m grateful for lazy nights on the couch. I’m grateful for invitations, even if we have to decline (distance can be a meanie). I’m grateful for a roof over our heads. I’m grateful for heat and cool. I’m grateful for a husband who would do absolutely anything for the boy and I. I’m grateful for a son who amazes me everyday. I’m grateful for friends I’ve known all my life. I’m grateful for new friends who connect in an instant. I’m grateful for opportunities I never knew I’d have. I’m grateful for more things than I can even list. More things than I can fathom. Things that aren’t things at all–they’re life, love, and happiness. They’re the things that money can’t buy. 

I’m grateful, just so grateful, in the midst of it all. 


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