Marriage Matters: Just for You

Marriage Matters- Just for You

We took an early birthday trip to California from last week to early this week. It was a trip for both of us, but it was mostly a trip for me. How do I know? I got to spend some me time at The Dry Bar and explore the baby Target. You read that right, in a whole big city full of things to do together, I chose a bunch of girl stuff.

From the day we first drove by the City Target, I had my heart set on checking it out.

Drive By

My sweet husband gladly obliged–and took photos of me being a total fangirl along the way.

City Target

Going In

Same thing happened with The Dry Bar, I saw it one morning and was dead set on checking it out. I even jumped out of the car (I was driving) in traffic to make my appointment in time. Mr. Gray did a little solo exploring then came in, paid for my hair, and let them surprise me at the counter and wish me a happy birthday–definitely made me feel like a princess.

The Dry Bar

And then there was the part where he let me drive the fun car first. If that doesn’t make him a gentleman, I don’t know what does.

Fast Car

The whole trip was so much fun. It was a great time for us to connect, hang out, recharge, and just be us. We didn’t have a single date, time, place, or obligation to stick to, and it was wonderful. It was just me and him–on our own time.

I’m writing Marriage Matters as part of the #write31days challenge. Are you in? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to check your posts out!


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