10 Before 31

1. Today’s September 30th, which means I’m wrapping books. This was such a fun activity last year that I’m doing it again! (Click here to see the full post.)

Fall Wrap Up

2. October is going to be quite busy for us! I can’t wait for our California trip–just Mr. Gray, myself, and I on an little escape for my 30th (yikes–THIRTIETH) birthday (which isn’t actually until November, but scheduling conflicts don’t stop for birthdays).

3. Beginning tomorrow, I will be doing the 31 Days challenge. I hadn’t heard of it until Sunday, so I’m getting it all finalized, but I think it’s going to be good! If you’re participating,  let me know in the comments!


4. This fall weather (you know, Texas fall, still warmer than most places) makes me want to get outside! The boy has been out cruising on his Gator checking the deer feeder this morning while I attempted to work from the porch (too bad the router didn’t reach). Of course, this weather also means my sunroof is always open. My favorite!

5. I ordered a custom shirt for our soccer games, and it is cheesy to the max! I love it! I can’t wait to wear it this weekend! (See also: we had our first soccer game last Saturday, but the photos are on my big camera and not on here.)

6. I’m not a fan of multiple punctuation marks at the end of sentences; however, now that I know
that ?! has an actual name, interrobang, I find myself more compelled to use it.


7. Yesterday was National Coffee Day, and I didn’t even have one drop. Something’s wrong with that picture.

8. Did anyone happen to watch that Arkansas game this weekend? Oh, my. I wasn’t sure we were going to pull that one off.

9. Some days I think working from home is harder than working in an office; the days all blend together when you’re working where you live. I’ve blurred my boundaries a little, and I’ve got to get it back under control.

10. Tomorrow’s the day I’ve been waiting for since my TiVo didn’t record the last episode of Gilmore Girls all those years ago: Gilmore Girls comes to Netflix. Productivity, I’ll see you in seven seasons!

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