Time Flies

I never thought I’d say this, but this week with Mr. Gray gone to Haiti has flown by! We get to go pick him up from the airport tonight!

As soon as Mr. Gray had the trip dates, I started planning things to keep us busy. I guess it worked! We had something pretty much every day (including a follow-up at the orthopedic doctor; Baby Gray’s arm is lookin’ great).

Yesterday, we spent some time at Sea World, and I got so busy enjoying the day that I forgot to let you know I was over on Ashley’s space, Living in the (Mom)ent.

Water Ride

We had a week full of fun times, and we’ll end it with a mom-son date tonight before we head to the airport for Mr. Gray’s arrival.

(Side note: when I told Baby Gray that we’d go on a date before we went to get Daddy, he said, “You can’t just say that! You have to ask me first!”  Luckily, he said yes.) 


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