Real Life: Opposite Day

Here’s a little glimpse into what my life would be like on opposite day:

Opposite Day

  • Wake up grumpy and complaining
  • Grab a cup of coffee before starting my day
  • Leave my bed unmade
  • Prepare a full breakfast and sit down to eat
  • Spend hours on hair, make-up, and clothes
  • Avoid errands, Target, yoga classes, play dates, and outings at all costs
  • Prepare a vegan lunch 
  • Engage in strenuous activity throughout the portion of the afternoon some would deem “nap time”
  • Nonchalantly go about my business when my husband returns home from work
  • Wait while the dinner fairy prepares supper 
  • Eat made-to-order dinners in front of the TV
  • Wait around to spend time with my husband until the boy decides he is ready for bed 
  • Turn in before everyone else in the house; sleeping’s my favorite

What would your opposite day look like?


  1. Wake up refreshed and super happy that my husband is making obnoxious noises in an attempt to wake me up…. I just get the giggles when be does this and want to smooch him. Make a huge breakfast. Eagerly plop on the couch until lunch and refuse all orders from my kids.

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