Wrapped in Pretty Paper

Whoa! We have been running crazy this week! I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed the boy up for swim lessons in New Braunfels–other than that I didn’t have anywhere here to sign him up after he broke his arm and we had to postpone the lessons.

Warming Up

He fakes his time there well. He enjoys the pre-lesson where he plays independently, and he enjoys the post-lesson where he eats a snack.

Guns Up

What he doens’t enjoy is the actual lesson part.


Not even a little bit.

It’s so funny to see him get out so proud after he’s resisted so much during the lesson.

Thumbs Up

It’s a little convicting, too.

Isn’t that how life goes? We step out in God’s plan, all excited by the opportunity and the new that awaits us. We buy the supplies; we prepare; we think of how great the ending will be.

Then we struggle through the middle. We hem-haw around. We resist. We question what God has asked us to do. We cling to the past. We dig our heels in and protest. (We may or may not sit in the very middle of the pool and cry.)

Finally, the end of the lesson comes, and we wrap it all up with pretty paper and a bow then talk about how fun it was. We might remember a struggle or two, but we don’t always get down to the real and the raw–the emotions that encompass us while we’re still in the water. While we’re still struggling to swim. Why is that? Why do we bury the hard parts instead of sharing them to help encourage others. Sometimes it is hard; life is hard. What lesson would we learn, though, if everything was easy all the time?

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