A Thankless Effort (On Thank You Notes)

I have always tried to be mindful of thank you notes. I love to put pen to paper and express gratitude for what people have done for me. 

Lately, I have done less pen to paper, and more fingers to keyboard, and I am trying to get back to the former. 
When I was training for the Skeese Greets Triathlon, a sweet older gentlemen offered me some suggestions on how to better my swimming. Being as I’m self-taught, and I hadn’t the first clue about what I was doing when I started last year, his help was welcomed and made a ton of difference for me. 
I checked with the front desk of the gym to try to get his address, but they were unable to find it. I rode around for a month or more with the note in my center console. Yesterday when Baby Gray was at swim lessons, I spotted him! I ran to the car to grab the note. We visited. He asked how the race went, and he was so appreciative that I took the time to seek him out and thank him. 


I get by with a little help from my friends, indeed. And, you know, a thank you note or two along the way never hurt anyone. 


  1. Yessss!! I feel like thank you notes are becoming a lost art or something! No one realizes how much more it means to receive a heartfelt, personal note in the mail! I love thank you notes! Yay for you for keeping them going! 🙂 I'm with you 100%!

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