Fashionably Funny

With our early mornings this week, we have been picking out clothes the night before to save time.

My favorite choice of the week went a little something life this:

Me: What dry clothes do you want for tomorrow?
BG: The plain shirt. The one with the donkey on it.
Me: The what? You don’t have a donkey shirt.
BG: You know, the unicorn.
(Mr. Gray and I stare blankly at each other.)
Me: Wait. The plain Polo shirt? With a horse?
BG: Yes! That one! The donkey.


Oh, how we laughed. The he did it again for a second “donkey shirt” later in the week.

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  1. Bahahahaha! I love when kids describe their clothes how they see them. Mine have sure given some interesting descriptions through the years. He looks very handsome in his donkey/unicorn shirt 🙂

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