Tuesday Ten: Impromptu Extra Swim Lesson Edition

1. Swim lessons. So many approaches, yet so much is dependent on the actual kid, anyway. We’re starting round two today with a different approach. He was so close after last week, I just had to try. So an 8:15 phone call about the opening leads to blogging from my phone while I wait. 

2. Back in junior high, when the internet was extra big and scary, “John K From The Net” called my house. A friend (that I will not name) gave my name and number out as a joke. It wasn’t funny then, but I think it’s hilarious now. 
3. I got some happy mail today! I love happy mail, and I’m excited to try a paper planner for a bit. As my to-do list grows, I feel like it might be a good way to keep myself organized. I’ll never get away from my iPhone calendar, but this will help me organize my weeks a little better. I’m working on a few new things, and I don’t want to drop the ball anywhere. 


4. The VBS Baby Gray is attending. This week is taking up an offering for missionaries. I love that we have a tangible way to explain that since Mr. Gray has been to the Ukraine and is headed to Haiti next week. 
5. I’ve decided to write at least one note to someone a week and drop it in the mail. I’d like to do more than that, but one is a start. 
6. I love small towns. They have so much to offer. We always find neat restaurants and shops when we take time to explore. 
7. I usually start Christmas shopping in June or July (don’t call me crazy). I love having just the right gift for everyone, and I’m off to a really good start this year! 
8. We got to have some much-needed friend time this weekend. I was so glad to cook, entertain, visit, and enjoy! I love having people over! 

9. I hate that when baking with bananas their ripeness determines the success or failure of the finished product. I need to be a better initial judge of ripeness. 
10. I said I was going to workout during swim lessons. I better get to it before my “pick up” alarm goes off. (Yes, I have to set an alarm to remind myself to pick up my kid. It’s better than being late. Don’t judge.) 

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