Life with Purpose

I joked a bit about my secret-keeping abilities last week, and then I promptly spilled the beans via social media. Are you in on it?

I’m pretty sure my love for subscription boxes and happy mail is no secret around here. I’m also a huge fan of supporting organizations that have a purpose–adoption support, clean water, clothing and shelter for those in need–any purpose really. So, Purpose Box was born.

What is Purpose Box? 
It’s a bi-monthly subscription box that will contain “purchase with purpose” items. The story for each organization will be included along with ways to follow and support them through social media. Additionally, the proceeds from each box will have a purpose as well. It will vary with each shipment.

What now? 

  • Go check out Purpose Box on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Tell your friends! 
  • Let me know your favorite “purchase with purpose” shops, from big companies to the mom down the street selling bows to bring an adopted child home. 
  • Sign up for the wait list and be the first to know when the inaugural box goes on sale!  

So, that’s it, the cat’s outta the bag. Exciting, huh? 


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