One Flesh

Sometimes when it’s just me and the quiet late night, my head gets spinning and swimming so quickly I can hardly process all it’s got going through it. My thoughts seem to be a little crazier when my husband is gone: from what-ifs, to thinking of the community we are part of, to silly things the boy says when his daddy isn’t here.

My head just starts going. I try to keep up. I start to feel a little like I’m so deep in thought (not necessarily deep thoughts) that I might not be able to get out. 
I don’t like it when he is gone. Even if I love the purpose behind his going. I’m always reminded when he’s not here that we are truly one flesh–we are united in our marriage. I’m not the same me without him here.


Then my head spins into a tizzy about single moms, military spouses, oilfield spouses, and all the other noble ladies who go this mama gig alone. Ladies, I don’t want you to think you’re alone. I want to be the one who offers to help. To bring a meal. To pick your kids up from school. To do something.

I love the way our friends reach out to me when my husband is gone. I want to do that for others–all the time. I’m so blessed to have a partner to do this life with. 

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