Ten Time

1. I know you’re all waiting to see whether or not I drowned during my first open water swim. I promise I’m going to let you know, but it’ll be Friday. Yes, Friday. See, I was asked to post on the Jack & Adam’s blog, so you’ll have to wait and see.

2. I have not ever been a really big fan of cats. Now, though, I’m in. Converted. Done. 

Why? That’s a GIANT dead rat in our back yard. Dead. Thanks to the cats. 
3. My child has decided to live in baseball pants, basketball shorts, and coordinating jerseys. Most days, I’m totally fine with it. Some days, I miss my stylish kid. He’s so cute in anything, though. And I love the way his face lights up when people ask when his game is. 
4. Between full-service gas stations and full-service laundry places, I kind of feel a little like we moved to the 1950s. (I’m definitely not complaining.) 
5. This broken arm is killing my kid. He just wants to play–restriction free! 
6. I have a dream business I want to start, and yesterday, we fleshed some of it out. Maybe we’ll go for it. 
7. My husband booked us a trip for my thirtieth birthday last night. I can’t believe I’m almost 30! 

8. I think I have hair envy. I see all these wonderful braids and summer styles that are unattainable with my fine hair. 
9. My child loves to sing. It’s so funny how excited he eggs when “his favorite song” comes on the radio. (Check Facebook or Instagram for a video of a recent performance.) 
10. I’m pretty sure Dollar General will take over the world soon. Have you seen how fast they throw those things up? 

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