Happy Wife, Happy Life

This morning, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw this post:

See, if I know anything, I know if I start thinking of complaints about my husband first thing in the morning, I will be in the wrong frame of mind all day. I don’t ever want to complain about my husband–especially not on purpose. I want to honor my husband. More importantly, I want to always make the conscious decision to see him in a positive light, rather than a negative.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

So instead, I’m choosing to share things I love about my husband. (These are in no particular order, and I don’t know how many I’ll do.)

1. He leads our family. Not only does he lead our family, he leads our family well–in prayer, in love, in fun, in humility.

2. He’s an initiator. I’ll get a text a time or two a week about someone he has invited to dinner, or who we’re meeting for dinner. I love it. I want to do life in community, and he gets that. So does he.

3. He’s an amazing father. I can leave and never have to worry about how he’s taking care of our son. He’s even been known to keep illness from me when I’m on a trip so I don’t worry and think I need to come home. He is an encouraging teacher and very hands on. I couldn’t ask for a better co-parent.

4. He gets stuff done. Even if I leave a list a mile long, he gets it done. Our home is taken care of and maintained.

5. He puts others before himself. I don’t just mean our family. I mean others. Anyone who is in need. He helps. He does what he can with what he has.

6. He encourages me. Whether I’m running a half marathon, competing in a triathlon, trying to get more people to read this little blog (really, share it with your friends; it’s okay), thinking of opening a business, or whatever it may be, he encourages me. He’s a good one to have in your corner.

What do you love about your spouse? Have you told them lately?



  1. I see all these people on Facebook complaining about this and that in their relationship. Honestly, if it is good, it is EASY you don't have to hound, communication is good, things are in balance and even if you do get mad – Its about as minimal as getting fresh gum on a new shoe – 5 minutes later it is water under the bridge.

    I will say ..The only time I legitimately was angry with the hubs and saw him in a considerably darker light – AND not afraid to tell people – was when he threw out my corn dogs. I was 8 months pregnant. I just knew those suckers were waiting for me on the counter… I decided to trick myself into actually getting my swelled carcass up and cleaned the whole house – thinking of those corn dogs as a treat. I waited. Every time I got tired I would say…"Just 4 more rooms to go…just 3 more rooms to go just…2 more..rooms..and then I can eat those corndogs" ….I about had that baby right then and there. On the kitchen floor. Jeff threw them away thinking it was an empty Sonic Bag. I could have ate that mans soul with my eyes. HAHA!

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