Monday Outtakes

The general consensus when it comes to blogging, Instagram, Facebook, and the like is that it’s a totally edited, candy-coated picture of life. A lot of times, it is.

Sometimes, though, it’s the outtakes in life, the parts you don’t really want anyone to see, that are what teach you something.

For example, when it’s Father’s Day and your husband has just finished feeding the calf, that’s not a good time to ask him to take photos of you in your cute romper from London. (Thanks, Jodi!)


Flattering, huh?

Turns out, he just snaps with the one clean hand he has while he fights off the still-hungry calf with the other–and apparently, I just talk. Any questions about why I’m not a fashion blogger? Nope, I didn’t think so.


  1. I think this is great! I've thought about posting my outfit posts with all the fancy pictures at first, but always one where I'm making a stupid/silly face at the end, just to keep it real. 🙂

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