The Shocking Truth Revealed!

A week or so ago, I did another set of two truths and a lie and forgot to reveal the lie. Which did you think it was? I’m about to tell you which one it really is!

1. When I started this running journey, my goal was a 5K. This weekend, I’ll do my second triathlon. I’ve also done a couple more 5Ks, a duathlon and five half marathons. Looking back at my high school cross country career, I can’t believe it. LIE. I’ve only done four half marathons.


2. One time I ordered something online and forgot about it. When a handwritten envelope showed up in the mailbox, I surveyed it carefully for explosives and anthrax before opening it. It was a shirt. TRUTH. It was something that came from a handwritten Etsy address with no name. (You could read into this and decide maybe the volume I order online is too high if I can’t even remember what I order; I don’t like to look at it that way.)

Hapy Mail

3. I got the Chicken Pox when I was in first grade. My parents both worked, so they traded the days they stayed with me until I could go back to school. On the first day with my dad, I spent the time learning how to ride the four wheeler. And you wondered why my Renegade Racer was so brave. TRUTH. It was a good lesson. One I’ve used all my life.


Was it the one you thought it was? Were you surprised?


  1. Ah, you caught us on a technicality! Sneaky. 🙂 Being able to ride the four wheeler must have made chicken pox a bit more tolerable! I actually got it on my first birthday … so I don't even remember!

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