Make Up Mess Up

Last April, on our pilgrimage to the Panhandle, this happened.

Make Up

It’s the first and only time Baby Gray has ever done anything like that, but mostly I just laughed it off. It was a good excuse to get some new make up.

I found quite the treasure when I was out browsing around.
(Warning: Amazon link ahead; I’ll benefit if you buy through that link.)

Why am I just now sharing this fun find? I’ll tell you why: I just ran out! It’s been 11 months! When I was using their loose powder, I ran out all the time. I love the coverage just as much–if not more–as the loose powder. Looking for a new powder? This is the one!

When we ran to Ulta to grab more last week, this is how it went down:

Me: I’ve gotta run in to Ulta. I’m out of make up.
Baby Gray: Is it all girl stuff?
Me: Yes, it’s make up.
Baby Gray: Well, I can carry it for you!

He’s nothing if not a gentleman! 

While I’d love to say this is a promo for Bare Minerals, it’s not. Have their people call my people.



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