Take Ten

1. We added a new baby to the Heart Group clan yesterday. She’s so precious. I just love new babies! Welcome, Baby Sister!

2. My heart breaks when my little guy is sick. He takes it in stride, but oh, I hate it.

Sick Day

3. Baby Gray’s football birthday party has been pinned over 500 times on Pinterest. That’s hardly viral or anything, but it just blows my mind. It’s my favorite party we’ve thrown (not just for him) by far, but I can’t believe that even with the photos that did get taken it’s generated that much interest. (By the way, feel free to pin or share–with credit, of course–anything you see around here. I’m all about sharing.)

4. I have two race weekends in a row coming up; I’m not sure it was wise of me to register back-to-back, but we’ll see. One’s only a 10K, so hopefully I will survive. The last time I did two in a row was the duathlon disaster. I’m going to go ahead and block that out now.

5. I realized yesterday that I have gotten away from the thoughtful little things I used to do for people. I want to get back to that. It’s not about me.

6. On the way home yesterday, Baby Gray asked Mr. Gray and I how long until football season. We helped him count the months, and he quickly replied, “No! That’s too long.” We have created a monster.

7. I entered Mr. Gray in this contest, and I can’t tell you how cool I think it would be if he won. I don’t even have words. (Don’t go enter, you’re ruining his chances! HA!)

8. I have a trip itch. Where’s your favorite beach destination?

9. Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a Bring It On quote-along. I mean, not that I want to go. If you want to go with me, I won’t tell if you won’t.

10. I decided on Sunday that I have the answer to the time change issue. We move the clocks back thirty minutes from our current time and call it good. No more time change. A little light in the morning, a little light in the evening, and we’re good to go. (Side note: except for the part where I can’t fall asleep the first night, I really don’t even care about the time change at all.)


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