Let It Lie

Ever since Baby Gray was actually a baby, I have been known to climb into his crib with him for a few snuggles. Even after we converted his bed to a toddler bed, I would still climb in, curl up, and hug my boy. I wouldn’t dream of turning down a time when he is still enough to snuggle with me–it’s rare!

Lately, though, he’s been pulling a play from my own book and asking to sleep on the floor.

Let It Lie

I love it! When I was younger, I rarely slept in my bed–unless it had a tent on top or a sleeping bag turned upside down over the covers. It was much more likely you would find me tucked tightly into a corner with a fort or tent and a little nest of blankets so small I could barely fit. I’d sleep under desks and dressers, just about anywhere, really.

It’s so fun to hang out on the floor with Baby Gray, read a book, and see him do a little silly sleeping of his own.


  1. Very cute. I used to sleep on the floor a lot when I was a kid too. It was more exciting that way 😉

    I'm hopping over from the Happy Mama team. Glad to have you on board with us!

    You can find me at my personal blog– emismom.blogspot.com

  2. TBH– when we lived in Dallas my daughter did this. She found a sleeping bag and slept on the floor for a few weeks; seemed so uncomfortable. Now that we are in SA, I don't want anyone on the floor for fear of scorpions.. Different world down here 😉

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