Dirty Lyin’ Scoundrel

In a twist on the old ice breaker, how ’bout Two Truths and a Lie? Do you know which is which? 

1. I once cut the tip of my thumb almost completely off while trying to cut the label off a SpaghettiOs can with a butcher knife. There were tattoos under the label. Lots of blood and fourteen stitches later, I never got my tattoos.

2. One year, in less than a 6 month period, I hit three parked cars. Those are the only accidents I’ve ever claimed on insurance; we traded meat for body work on my car. I felt like such an idiot every time. My phone was not involved in any of them.
3. On a ski trip back in the day, I told Mr. Gray I wanted to go to the top of the mountain with him. (Yes, I’m as cautious when I ski as everything else I do.) We got off the lifts at the top, took some super cute photos at the peak, I freaked out, and we rode the lift back down the mountain.


Which is which? Leave your guess, and I’ll disclose the lie later this week!  


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