The Big Guy Himself

Sometimes the things this boy says are off the wall; sometimes they’re dead-on.

Flyin in an Airplane

I thought I’d see where he was this morning–a good mix of both. This isn’t quite as funny as his video interview we did earlier in the year, but I loved his answers.

The italics are direct quotes. The bolded are my exact questions. The stuff in (parenthesis) is my addition to his answers.

How old are you? 
Three! Am I three? 

When’s your birthday? 
September 26th

What’s your favorite color? 
red and blue 

What’s your favorite sport?
softball (he had softball on the brain this morning; he isn’t usually into softball)

What’s your favorite team? 
I usually cheer for the Aggies. 

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
Um, a softball player; ok? (see?)

What’s your favorite thing about school? 
I like letters and going to Creative Movement. 

What do you like to do after school? 
go to Target (we do go to Target quite a bit, but so far never after school)

Who are your friends?
My favorite friends at school and church are Lainey and Ella. 

What is your favorite game? 
Hide and seek is my favorite game. 

What is your favorite toy? 
Frankenstein (this morning; he hasn’t played with it in months and found it)

What’s your favorite food?
blueberries and strawberries

Where does Jesus live? 
In a manger, Mama!

How old is Mommy? 
I don’t know. 50? 

How old is Daddy? 
50? 60? Something like that. 

What does Mama do for work? 
Work from Honey’s; you get clothes and suckers for me. 

What does Daddy do for work? 
At his office? He just does work all day long.  

What do you want to remember about when you were three? 
Playing football and painting. Those were my favorite birthdays.

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