Telling the Tales

It’s Friday, and the fashion guru didn’t disappoint! Whether he’s bearded or frilly, he’s always hilarious. 

Bearded Boy

I always look back on the week and wonder how many outfits I actually missed. I can usually think of a few where I didn’t have my camera, but based on the photos I sometimes get from grandparents or friends, I can’t help but wonder what I missed all together.

That’s kind of how parenting goes, though, I guess. You soak up as much as you can in your memory (and your camera’s memory) then relive the rest through stories and sharing. I love that we have a support system that tells and shares what happens. I know as he goes to school (more than two days a week) and continues to be away from me more, I will feel like I’m missing more. It is hard to grasp that, but I especially love when he comes home and shares his own stories for me to sort out (no matter how challenging that might be sometimes). 


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