Run Rant: Mama Style

I haven’t been back on the actual traning wagon long, but long enough to gather a few thoughts. Things are much different with a 3.5 year old than they were with a 1.5 year old.


1. Running is easier when your child doesn’t ask questions the entire run. It’s hard to get in a good groove with questions flying.

2. I do not like stopping to play at the park mid-run, but it seems to be the only way (so far) to sneak any longer mileage in without protest.

3. We are a far cry from when my boy would wake up asking for a waffle and his stroller. It’s much more work for me to get the runs in when he’s home (YAY for school days or I’d be failing miserably so far).

4. Letting him run with me (short distances) is not the answer. We ran home from the park Sunday, and he said, “I think next time we need the stroller.”

5. I’m having a much harder time sticking to my schedule this time (I’m not sure Mr. Gray was in school last time we did this; I have become a weeknights-with-my-husband-hoarder) than I did last time, but I’m getting it done.

6. I still love the top Baby Gray of him in the stroller. So cute. He just sticks out a lot farther now. I’m grateful we did our research and got a jogging stroller with higher height and weight limits. (For reference: We have this one.Warning, affiliate link.)

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