Hang Ten

It’s T-t-t-tuh-tuesday! I’ve got quite a bit of random to spew, so here we go with the Tuesday Ten.

1. I keep seeing a post about lowering your expectations when you become a mother. It infuriates me every time. Why? I don’t think children bring down quality of life. Involve them in picking up, cleaning up, and having a nice home. It doesn’t have to be hard–or messy. Our son’s only three, and he takes his shoes straight to the closet, puts his dishes in the sink, and cleans up his toys before getting something else out to play with. It can be done; lead by example.

2. I’m pretty sure I’m obsessed with having my eyebrows done. I did nothing to them for years, and now I’m texting my girl Rachelle every five minutes to have them taken care of. High maintenance. (See also: facials and eyelash tinting.)

3. I want to do something big. I don’t know what it is yet, but I hope I’m on the verge of uncovering it. (No better time to embark on something new than when you’re about to move into a one bedroom camp house and build a home, right?)

(This got my wheels turning on the idea. I’m going to go big!)

4. I think Baby Gray is going to miss date night as much as we will when we move. He gets so excited when date Wednesdays roll around. Hopefully someone there will be down to trade (Aunt B? Mrs. B? Bueller?)

5. My run on Sunday was one for the books. I’m pretty sure it was the hip work at yoga Thursday. You better believe I’ll be carrying those stretches out on my own now.

6. We found a stega-turtle Saturday (look at that tail!). I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty freaked out by this dude. He was cool and calm as a cucumber; he stood and let us snap photos, talk, and check him out. Later, we came back to find him, and he was swimming in the creek. I hope he sticks around.


7. Sometimes there are things in your life you don’t realize how much you use until they’re gone. Add silicone whisk to my list. Replacement is on order.

8. I’m really lovin’ Timehop. I’m not sure what took me so long to download it. I love seeing my old Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. This one is my favorite so far!


9. While I was in the grocery store today, I saw Auntie Annie’s pretzels in the freezer section. I doubt they could ever be as good as a hot, fresh one, but I think I’ll end up wishing I didn’t know the grocery store had them before it’s all said and done.

10. I’ve been in such a cooking funk lately. It’s a good thing Mr. Gray cooked prime rib Saturday. Dinners for the week? Done and done!



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