Quiet, Please!

When Baby Gray was born, I switched my phone to silent in the hospital. We had calls and well-wishes coming in, and I didn’t want to wake our sleeping baby. Turns out, that mama-moment was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I haven’t turned the ringer on since.

In fact, I’ve even set my phone (and iPad) to quiet on all the settings (it won’t let me turn the ringer completely to vibrate, so I just set it to a simple alert tone in the event that the switch accidentally gets flipped).


I can hear it just fine if I’m working or expecting a call, but when I put it down to do other things, I don’t feel like the phone is always cutting in on our time. Because I do a lot of my work from my phone, it’s easy for me to get caught up in being on it. This is just a simple step that has helped keep family first. 


  1. My sister does this and it always drives me crazy that she never has the ringer on, but looking at it from a uninterrupted point of view this really makes sense!

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