Worth Writing About

Every now and again, I wonder why I write.

[The search function on the site is apparently not working correctly; I had plans for a screen shot of all the posts about “why I write” here. Use your imagination.]

Is it just a place to chronicle our family fun? (While I love to do that, I doubt everyone is interested in baby stories all day, everyday.)

Is my goal to have thousands of readers? (I’m a little scared of a viral post, remember.)

Is it to paint the picture of a perfect life? (No, no, that’s not it at all.)

Do I just tell funny stories in hopes someone will show up with a DVD player? (By the way, T-Paw did Christmas morning.) 

Am I just here to share gross photos of hair from my carpet? (One of my biggest hits on Pinterest–of all things.)


Why am I here? What am I doing?


I know God has given me a story to tell–to one or one thousand, one. I sprinkle in a little of the rest, but I ultimately want to shout from the rooftops what God has done in our lives. The grace He’s given us. The love He shows. The beauty from the ashes. He has blessed us immensely. I want the world to know it.

 Photo by KLB Ranch Photography.


  1. It's less about how many people are reading/listening and more about why I take the time to do it. When the questioning part cycles through, I always reflect on why I write as a means to see if it is worth taking time away from other things.

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