This is my Reflection

I love reflecting on the goals I set at the beginning of the year and seeing how I did with things. I’m shaking things up a little for 2014–you’ll have to wait and see tomorrow!

1.  I will use our story to reach others for Christ. Somewhere, someone needs our story. That is why it was given to us. I will work to use it as a testament of God’s promises to me when the going got tough. I won’t keep secrets; I won’t bury it because it’s easier. I will use it. 

Well? Two very specific incidents stand out about this. I was able to reach out and use our story as a tangible example for others. That’s not counting the times I am able to use regular, everyday life experiences to relate to new moms and friends coming behind us in situations similar to ours. I still don’t have written words for all of what God has done, but I am getting much better at articulating in face-to-face situations. 

2. I will prioritize family above work. Working from home, I sometimes have trouble turning work mode off. I will make it a point to keep work behind family time.  

Well? I did better. I like to be Johnny On The Spot, and that is something I’m still working on daily. It’s ok for me to take time with Mr. Gray or Baby Gray above work time.

3. I will build bridges. I won’t wait on people (family, friends, etc) to come to me to make things better. Life is too short. It is a two-way street, but I will do my fair share.

Well? I honestly can’t think of any time I did this, but I can’t think of any time I didn’t, either. I’m not sure I had a specific time to employ this. 

4. I will spend [at least] one night a week, uninterrupted, with my husband. Location, school, schedules, and whathaveyou sometimes make it hard for us to pull off an actual out-of-house date night. We’ll do at-home dates and call it a compromise. 

Well? We did pretty good at this. Between switching date nights with friends and going and doing, we spent some quality time together this year! I want to keep it up!

5. I will work to incorporate Spanish words and phrases into Baby Gray’s vocabulary. I’m no Spanish whiz, but I know enough to get him started. Mr. Gray and I would like for him to have some foundation for use later.

Well? I think this lasted about a month. He can count to ocho–thanks, Dora! 

Photo by KLB Ranch Photography.

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