Ready, Teddy?

What a crazy week! Our home has been riddled with sickness, and our Christmas goodies have been stuck in storage. I finally had a chance to sneak over today and grab a few things. We now have our little fir trees up (we’re skipping the tree farm this year, I think) and several of our nativity scenes. I was also able to find our Elf on the Shelf.

I mentioned my beef with Santa a few weeks ago. So, you’re probably wondering what in the world made me want to go with Elf on the Shelf. Last year, I read about a couple of different ideas that I really loved for using the elf (or the Christmas Angel) to point kids back to Christ. We’re running with it. We’ll be doing a little of this and a little of that with a little of our own flair to have a Teddy the elf experience that fits the Grays. (If you read nothing else in those two links–or in this whole post for that matter, read the comment in the latter link where the original author likens the elf to a CS Lewis allegory or Jesus’ use of parables; I won’t pretend I can word it as eloquently as she does, but YES, YES, YES!)

Teddy is defrosting on the front porch and ready for arrival!


The note he’s tucked into has a little introduction that reads:

Hi, my name is Teddy;
You might not remember.
I’m here to help you spread
Christ’s love all through December.

Each day I will come
And share something new
To spread holiday cheer
So Christ’s love shines through you!

God loves you so much
He sent Jesus our way,
And that’s what we celebrate
On Christmas day!

We are not reading the book that came with the Elf on the Shelf kit, and we don’t necessarily have the no touching rule (although, the elf they have at school does, so he might not mess with it). Teddy isn’t reporting anything back to Santa; he is just here to help us spread joy and love through Christ this holiday season. On his list so far are things like write a card for someone to show them that you care. He’ll have markers, stamps, cards, stickers, etc for Baby Gray when he finds him. He also has a shopping list for our Purple Christmas Tree child that he’ll share with Baby Gray. One morning, he’ll leave money to get some items for the food pantry. Another morning, he’ll be decked out and ready to bake for the postman, the garbage men, and the neighbors. Teddy also has ideas for blessing Baby Gray’s teacher and classmates.

I’m looking forward to starting this with Baby Gray, and I know he’ll love all the assignments Teddy brings him!


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