#GivingTuesday: Shirts for San Francisco

Got a little story for ya, Ags! Apparently it’s #GivingTuesday around social media land. Who knew? It’s no coincidence that this mission I’ve been wanting to share with you guys landed in my inbox today (despite the crazy today has been, I’m determined to get it out there). I am so excited about what Camille will be doing, and I think you’ll love Shirts for San Francisco. I’ll turn it over to her now (I’ll only interject a time or two).


Well howdy from Aggieland!

The place where “WHOOP” is the most common vocabulary word, the people are always friendly, and the touchdown passes are ALWAYS risky. Well my name is Camille Doster and I am a senior (graduating in December, eek) at Texas A&M. I met Mrs. Gray when she was in College Station for one of the games this fall in a little boutique where I work. [Me here: imagine that, I met someone while I was shopping; sound familiar?] She saw me embroidering a shirt and questioned what it was for (as of most 21 year-olds don’t spend their time embroidering…). [Me again: y’all, she was hand-stitching the shirt; I applique with my machine. She was doing it by hand.]

Shirts for San Francisco

I am leaving this next spring to be an intern at an inner-city ministry in San Francisco, California called City Impact. I will be there for around 5 months serving hot meals, leading mission trip teams, and praying over individuals in the community. The ministry is in a section of San Francisco called the Tenderloin District. Here, over 37,000 residents live within less than one square-mile. There are three major crimes recorded every single hour. This sadly, is no Aggieland. City Impact aims to give these people hope—hope in something greater than these poor circumstances. I believe that hope comes through one man and His name is Jesus. So through City Impact, the residents of the Tenderloin are provided with hot meals, drug rehab, a private school for their children, a thrift store that provides affordable clothes, and the love of Christ that is greater than anything a human hand could provide.

Let’s just say I’m really excited. However, we as interns have to raise our own support. Many Aggies go on mission trips and often sell t-shirts that they have had printed. I wanted to do something different. I have always loved making gifts for friends by hand-sewing appliques on t-shirts and sweatshirts so decided to try and raise support by doing so. That is how Shirts for San Francisco was started. I do custom designs (meaning you brainstorm up anything you want), or can repeat any of the ones I have already made if you need a different size or color. I can make sweatshirts or short-sleeved t-shirts, and have even made kid sizes (for Mrs. Gray in particular). I can also ship the shirts to wherever! Shirts are $20 and sweatshirts are $30. It’s been a fun way so far to raise support and also makes a cool, unique Christmas gift. If you are interested in supporting me you can go to the Facebook page and message me. Thank you so much for listening and wish you all a lovely holiday season!

Gig ‘em and God Bless!
Camille Doster

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