We’ve Still Got It

We weren’t in our usual seats for the first half of Saturday’s match up against UTEP. We left our friends in section 119 sit with some friends who had extra tickets (imagine that: extra tickets for an 8:00 pm kick against a non-conference opponent). All that to say we weren’t with our usual crowd.


Mr. Gray headed down to get me some hot chocolate, and I felt a hand on my back, “How long have y’all been married?” she asked, clearly expecting my answer to be less than a year or so.

I did a little math in my head and finally came up with, “Oh, seven or eight years.” (I never know how old I am, either, if that helps.)

Astonished, she exclaimed, “And he still winks at you?” She continued, but I didn’t really hear her. I was still trying to figure out when he winked at me. How did I miss that?

When Mr. Gray returned with the hot chocolate (with an extra for the wife of a seat-mate he made friends with when we got there–he’s just that kind of guy) I told him the story.

His response? “I winked at you?” HAHA!  The Grays, keepin’ it hot one wink (or not) at a time!

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