Fashion Friday: The Reveal

Alternate title: The Real Reason I’m Not a Fashion Blogger
Alternate title, II: Mr. Gray Takes Funny Photos
Alternate title, III: It Doesn’t Even Look Like You Made It Yourself!

Earlier this week, I showcased Baby Gray’s Halloween duds for school. I used Merrick’s tutorial and made a shirt for myself while I was at it. This is how it looked last time you saw it.

Surprise Shirt

I wanted something I could wear for Halloween but continue to wear other times as well. I went with a crow/raven/bird silhouette. I thought it turned out really well. Then I forgot to take photos until it was 11:00pm. When I looked at the photos Mr. Gray snapped, I remembered why I rarely showcase my own outfits ’round here. These are hilarious. I’m talking in most of them, laughing in some, and wondering what the heck Mr. Gray is doing in the others. At least my outfit’s cute!

Bird Shirt Collage
“Your shirt looks pretty good; I mean, it doesn’t look like you made it yourself.” I’m being met with rave reviews–look for this new line in fine department stores everywhere!


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