Time for Ten

It’s time for a Tuesday 10 today, I think. I’ve got a lot of thoughts floating around in this ol’ head of mine! (Oh-so-pressing ones, too.)

1. One of my best friends had a baby Thursday. I could hold and squeeze her for hours. I like to give all the new babies the Mojo Coma (patent pending). It’s part of my charm.

2. So far this week it’s Mr. Gray: 2, Mrs. Gray: 0 
(I got reprimanded by an old lady for not dancing to hip-hop polka music with him at Wurstfest. And, of course, the winking incident. What a good husband I have!)

 3. We had our big shindig at T-Paw’s for opening weekend of deer season this weekend. Our family only got to go on Friday, but I love that we are continuing that tradition with Baby Gray (even if he’s obsessed with riding the Ranger in the freezing cold).


4. I get more and more aggravated about Pinterest all the time. Even things that are original thoughts no longer seem like original thoughts.

5. Before Baby Gray was born, I had terrible allergies. They subsided when I was pregnant and have stayed gone until this week. I don’t know how I used to have these all the time like this. I will be taking more extreme measures to feel better this go ’round.

6. We have started trading off date night with friends, and I really enjoy it. (Although, Mr. Gray phrased it funny to someone, and they thought we traded spouses–YIKES! NO!) It has given us a chance to get closer to that couple in addition to enjoying some time to ourselves. It’s a win-win! If you’re not doing it, find a family and start trading!

7. I actually genuinely like McDonald’s breakfast. Why am I so embarrassed by that?

8. I can’t believe football season is already almost over. We have one more home game, but we don’t get to go. We are going to Baton Rouge for the LSU game, but I still can’t believe that it’s pretty much done.


9. Some days I sit and wonder how moms who work outside the home do it all. I commend you–every one of you. Keep up the good work! (Don’t get me started on single moms–WOW!)

10. I’ve gotten to have so many conversations with people about adoption lately. I love that there are people who are doing it for the right reasons, and I can’t wait for that to be part of our story.

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