30 Before 30

I had this grand idea for a 30 before 30 project, but I didn’t get very far.

1. Run three half marathons.

Yep, that’s as far as I got. And I came up with that on a whim after a good run one evening. I’ve got ’em picked out, I just need to sign up–pronto (so I’ll actually train). My new shoes came in the mail yesterday morning (no, Mom, I didn’t open them yet, I’m just a good guesser).

Maybe it’ll be the 300 before 30 project, and I’ll base it on mileage. I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll just quietly turn 30 and keep doing what I’m doing. I just don’t know.

As good of an idea as I thought it was, I don’t really have any tangible things I want to check off a list in the next 365 days. We travel, we enjoy each other, and enjoy life. I don’t have any grand plans for the next year (aside from actual goals, which I use to shape my lifestyle more than check off a list–those come at the end of the year). I could add things like sell our home or build the new one, but the timing of that isn’t necessarily in my hands. So, maybe I’ll add things to the list. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll do the mileage thing, maybe I won’t.


What will I do? Continue to love my husband, son, family, and friends; enjoy life; and live in a way that I’m not feeling like I have a deadline to meet to have a fulfilled life.


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