Tuesday Ten-berlake

It’s Tuesday, I’ve definitely got ten things to say, so Tuesday Ten it is!

1. Tonight I’m going to a Justin Timberlake singalong with one of my oldest friends. I’m not usually a huge fan of his, but it sounded like too much fun to miss.

2. The theme from our Baton Rouge trip was traffic: traffic in the streets, the restaurants, the sidewalks, EVERYWHERE!


3. I consider all my laundry clean when no more clothes will hang in my closet. Yes, I said it. I have too many clothes (only if my closet hanging rods are the quantifier). I’m pretty sure I should be ashamed of this, but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

4. I’m pumped about the recipes I’m trying for Thanksgiving! I’m hoping to finally find a broccoli rice casserole I love; plus, I am trying to like making things only Mr. Gray enjoys (ahem… pecan pie).

5. I’m beyond excited for Christmasday Sunday! I am so grateful my sweet husband is going to dig our decorations out of storage so we can get in the spirit (even if it’s slightly modified to accommodate house showings and such).

6. All this cool weather makes me wish we had a fireplace! Remedy coming soon.

7. I keep seeing people playing Bingo. I want to play. Do you win money? Is it like gambling? Maybe there are too many unknowns.

8. My car hit 100,000 miles this weekend. I wasn’t driving, so I didn’t get a photo. I’d been waiting and waiting for the day so I could get the photo, and I missed it. It’s not really important, I just thought it should be noted.

9. I loved The Hunger Games books, but I haven’t seen all of the first movie. I have no desire to see the second. I don’t usually like movies based on books I loved. I hate to chance ruining their good memories.

10. I start the downward slide to 30 tomorrow. The big 2-9. I’m not too sure about this. I’m hoping for a 30 before 30 list, but I’m at a loss; what would you want to do?

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