So Tell Me What You Want (What You Really, Really Want)

You sang that title, didn’t you? 

It seems like summer is just winding down, but I’m already in full-on Christmas shopping mode. Granted, I like to be pretty close to finished by Thanksgiving, but still.

Assuming some of you are crazy like me (or want to Pin it to remember later), I thought I’d throw a few things out there that are perfect for the preschoolers in your life.

1. Stuff to do: museums, inflatable play places, zoo admissions, the list goes on! It allows us to make memories and enjoy family time. Some of the best gifts we’ve gotten have been things to do rather than things to have.


2. Clothes: I know, I know, they’re not as fun for them to open and sometimes they just throw them aside. In reality, though, it’s a great time to stock up on things. With a September birthday in our house, Christmas always finds us right in between sizes. He is still wearing a lot of his current size but able to jump up to the next soon. It works well for us! (Want to make it more fun? Stuff some goodies in the pockets for him to find.)

3. Craft supplies: crayons, markers, stamps, Play-Doh, again, stuff to do. Consumables. There are never enough!


4. Monthly subscriptions: Citrus Lane (our favorite–use this link to get a discount off your first order), Kiwi Crate (we’ve been wanting to try this one), Highlights Magazine (he loves the games and stories; comes in several age ranges), whatever tickles your fancy (there are tons more; shoot me a note if you need other ideas). Baby Gray loves mail; he asks to check it every day. It makes it even more fun when things are for him.

5. Classes: think gymnastics, dance, piano, pitching lessons, batting coaches, and the like. They’ll think of you each time they go!  

6. Gift cards or cash: it’s not the most personal gift in the world, but sometimes it’s the most practical. It’s perfect for mailing and letting Mom pick something out when the time is right (change in development leads to change in toys; clothes, carseats, shoes get outgrown).



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